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Pencurifail.net is under PFT Crew labels. Pencurifail.net  is 100% Malaysian made. Pencurifail.net and their team are real and all Malaysian citizen, but some of our crew are stay in United Kingdom. We open this website as you know, the price of the Original DVD that available on Malaysian’s market are too expensive. So we opened this website on April 2013, because all the movie actually we can get it from the internet. So this website have been created to make sure the Malaysian citizen can watch the latest movie over the world with easy and FREE as the movie also available on the internet for FREE. Our first OFFICIAL LAUNCHING are on 21 April 2013. At that moment was our first born. And our second reborn is on 31 August 2013.

We do not own any movie and does not host any file or movies on our server. We only help people to find the latest movie from the links available on the internet. We also opened this website to make resistance for the capitalist person that always deal the shit with the lower class people. We are resistance to the capitalism!


Long Live Syria….! We hope that one day, the Jews and Nasrani will be blow up from this world. And it will be…. Soon….


Here the list of our brave man…


PFT CREW Pvt. Ltd.


Jenderal Perang


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Secretary of War,

Joe Kacak



Pattaya Crew
Hariz Syakir
Ridwan Ramli
Aznaz Tech



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